Stamp Aligner XL

The Stamp Alignerâ„¢ XL . Often after a key is cut, an identifying number is stamped on it. For many locksmiths stamping the key resulted in crooked numbers, stamps flying across the room, and a key that did not reflect their professionalism.With the Stamp Alignerâ„¢ XL, two keys are held securely on the Universal Stamping Plate and the stamps are held in the Index Block. The result being evenly spaced, perfectly aligned characters on the key. The Universal Plate is easily removed, revealing two openings designed to hold rim or mortise cylinders so they can be stamped as well. Additional specialty plates are available for quick "snap-in" locking of standard Schlage keys and Best IC keys and cores for even faster stamping.Whether stamping a name on one key or codes on multiple keys and cylinders in a master key system, you will find that the Stamp Alignerâ„¢ XL provides for a professional looking stamped key, and an essential complement to your lock shop.
  • Manufacturer: HPC
  • Manufacturer #: HP SA7-XL
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