HPC Tubular Key Adapter Kit

HPC's new Tubular Key Adapter Kit is the most economical answer to code cutting for your tubular keys. This new adapter allows you to convert your Blitz™ machine into a tubular key cutter. It is factory preset to cut standard 7-pin tubular keys by code, eliminating any guesswork. The Blitz™ Tubular Key Adapter fits in the Blitz™ standard "A" Jaw making conversion quick and easy. The kit comes with an Adapter, Carbide Slotter Cutter, a Tubular Key Code Card, and an Allen wrench. Plus, with the included Tubular Key Decoder, you can quickly decode existing tubular keys and make new factory originals by code. Fast, easy, accurate and economical, a valuable addition to your Blitz™ Code Machine.
  • Manufacturer: HPC
  • Manufacturer #: TKA-CMB
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