RW2 Transponder

The RW2 is a device used for detecting, reading, memorizing and duplicating transponder codes contained in the head of many new automotive keys. Both the chip type and transponder code are displayed and can be stored in the machines memory. Security is built into the system in the form of a unique password for each customer. Updates are provided when new transponder systems are released in the automotive market. The RW2 can be used with the optional software Silca Transponder Program, (STP) or as a stand alone unit. The software allows you to create a customer file and save it in an archive for future duplication. SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions: 6.3"x9.7"x3.2"; Weight: 3.5 lbs. (1.6kg; Portable, small and lightweight. Easily updated. Contains built-in keyboard and display. 12VDC Rechargeable battery
  • Manufacturer: ILCO
  • Manufacturer #: RW2
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